This first volume of the series includes a general introduction to the natural history of Taiwan and its Lepidoptera habitats, a history of Lepidoptera studies in Taiwan, and a summary of the fauna thus far known. A complete checklist and catalog of the Taiwan Lepidoptera is included, listing all described species known to occur in Taiwan, about 3,976 species, with current nomenclature. Numerous new combinations and other name changes occur throughout the checklist. A bibliography lists the primary literature for the Taiwan fauna.
The introductory volume includes a key to families for adults and an illustrated synopsis of the fauna. The color illustrations include over 1,200 species, each an enlarged view of the wings of a spread specimen. Numerous color figures are also included showing living adults and larvae in various natural situations.
Future volumes will cover each species in detail with individual species pages, as part of the world Lepidoptera Species Data Sheet series. Checklist numbers also reflect integration with the family numbers of the world Lepidopterorum Catalogus series. Each species page will have detailed information on synonymy, species diagnosis, range, subspecies, genitalia, flight period, habitat, hosts, immature stages, biology, notes, and references. Species of which little is known will have only as much information as can be obtained. Each species will be illustrated in color, and additional figures will show genitalia and immature stages where possible.

The series, Lepidoptera of Taiwan, will encompass 10 volumes as a monographic treatment of the Taiwan fauna of moths and butterflies. The described fauna currently involves about 4,125 species. During the course of the project many additional new species will be described by the collaborating authors and others.

Vol. 1: Introduction and Faunal Synopsis
Vol. 2: Micropterigidae to Immidae
Vol. 3: Hyblaeidae to Pterophoridae
Vol. 4: Brachodidae to Tortricidae
Vol. 5: Ratardidae to Geometridae
Vol. 6: Papilionoidea
Vol. 7: Thyatiridae to Saturniidae
Vol. 8: Sphingidae to Arctiidae
Vol. 9: Noctuidae
Vol. 10: General Index and Bibliography

Vol. 1, Part 1. Introduction (Section 1) (2001)
Additions to the 1992 catalog of Lepidoptera currently known to occur in Taiwan brings the total to 4,125 species. Literature references for 1992-2000 are added to the bibliography. There is a species index and a generic index for all added names. Color plates illustrate about a third of the species. The Taiwan Lepidoptera Survey is summarized, along with a gazetteer to Taiwan place names for current names and for former Japanese names (cross-indexed). Section 2 of the introduction will have the hostplant index (pending).
250pp (2001)

Vol. 1, Part 2. Checklist (1992)

The catalog of Lepidoptera known to occur in Taiwan includes 3,976 species (as of 1992). The catalog also includes a bibliography to most of the literature for the fauna. There is a species index and a generic index.
276pp + 48pp introd. & bibliography (1992)

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