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The original Lepidopterorum Catalogus was published by Dr. W. Junk Publishers, from 1911 until 1939, first in Berlin and later in The Hague, Netherlands. The series was never completed and is no longer being published. The present series is entirely new and will cover all known families, genera, and species of Lepidoptera of the world. Title to the series name has been obtained from W. Junk Publishers, and the new series will be published by the Association for Tropical Lepidoptera, in cooperation with Scientific Publishers, Gainesville, Florida. The old series is still available from some antiquarian book dealers, with the largest stock remaining with the state-run book dealer in Dresden, Germany. The current publication plan encompasses 124 fascicles for all 124 families of Lepidoptera, plus an introductory part and a final general index. Each of the family fascicles will be published as a separate issue, complete with its own cover, a generic summary, checklist to taxa, index, and original citations for taxa descriptions. Each species will have information on major revisions, illustrations, and known hostplants. There will be a complete bibliography for each family and a hostplant index. A new classification, taken from the editor's book on Lepidoptera families and noted in the introductory part, provides the initial framework for the series. Some families are very small and will be minimal issue, while other families are very large and will be issued in parts as needed. It is anticipated that the entire series will require a number of years to complete.

Page size is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. The fascicles are printed in two columns from computer stored text. This will allow rapid updates and future supplements as revisions are made. Due to the varying size of the family fascicles and the anticipated length of time needed for publication of the entire series, the fascicles can be ordered with issues drilled for post binder storage or without holes. Series binders will be available for those customers wishing to house the fascicles in this way. Fascicles will be numbered by family number and not by publication sequence, as was done with the old series.

The largest family of moths, Noctuidae, was issued as in 1989 (as 118, now Fasc. 124). Several small families, plus an introduction and host index for Noctuidae, are being made ready for publication. Various authors are expected to work on manuscripts for other families and publication will be at an irregular frequency as families are readied for publication. The series will involve only synoptic catalogs, giving original citations for taxa names, and not listing all references noting particular names, as the original series attempted.

Fascicle 7. NEOPSEUSTIDAE, by Don R. Davis. 1997. 8pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 11. PROTOTHEORIDAE, by Don R. Davis. 2001. 8pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 47. EPERMENIIDAE, by Reinhard Gaedike. 1996. 16pp. $2.50 ($7.50 non-members)

Fascicle 48. OCHSENHEIMERIIDAE, by Don R. Davis. 1998. 8pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 55. ACROLEPIIDAE, by Reinhard Gaedike. 1997. 16pp. $2.50 ($7.50 non-members)

Fascicle 61. TINEODIDAE, by John B. Heppner. 1998. 8pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 62. OXYCHIROTIDAE, by John B. Heppner. 1997. 8pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 64. BRACHODIDAE, by John B. Heppner. In prep.. 28pp. $3.50 ($12.50 non-members)

Fascicle 66. URODIDAE, by John B. Heppner. In prep. 18pp. $2.50 ($7.50 non-members)

Fascicle 71. LACTURIDAE, by John B. Heppner. In prep. 24pp. $3.50 ($9.50 non-members)

Fascicle 84. RATARDIDAE, by Mamoru Owada. In prep. 12pp. $2.50 ($7.50 non-members)

Fascicle 93. HEDYLIDAE, by Malcolm Scoble. 1998. 16pp. $2.50 ($7.50 non-members)

Fascicle 99. LIBYTHEIDAE, by John B. Heppner. In prep. 12pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 115. OXYTENIDAE, by John B. Heppner. In prep. 8pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 116. CERCOPHANIDAE, by John B. Heppner. In prep. 8pp. $1.50 ($4.50 non-members)

Fascicle 117. SATURNIIDAE, by R. Peigler & C. Lemaire. In prep. 200pp. $19.50 ($45.50 non-members)

Fascicle 118. SPHINGIDAE, by John B. Heppner. In prep. 200pp. $19.50 ($45.50 non-members)

Fascicle 124. NOCTUIDAE., by Robert W. Poole. 1989. 1314 pp in 3 parts.
This work encompasses all Noctuidae species (ca. 38,000 names) for the world, including all known synonyms up to 1985, with over 4750 bibliographic entries, and information on hosts, and citations for references on biology and figures for each species.
Special New Price: $ 50.00 ($150.00 non-members) ISBN: 0-916846-45-8 (originally $250.00).

Fascicle 124A. NOCTUIDAE: INTRODUCTION. By John B. Heppner. [pending]
This introduction for Noctuidae will provide a host index derived from the work of Dr. Poole in the Noctuidae catalog (Fasc. 124) and a generic summary with genera arranged by assigned subfamilies rather than alphabetical as in the main catalog. The host index will also include a cross-index to hosts by plant name, with all known Noctuidae feeders listed under each plant name.
ISBN: 0-945417-73-X

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